my name is amitie (IPA: /ˈæ.mɪ.ti/)! i named myself after the puyo puyo character of the same name. her name is derived from the french word for "friendship". i also go by catt, like the animal.

an animated sprite of amitie walking


i was born in august 2002. i'm a leo! ♌

i'm LGBT! i identify as a maverique and butch aroace lesbian

my preferred pronoun set is the lack of pronouns! i also use it/its or ey/em
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i love learning! my favorite subjects are the performing arts, (bio)chemistry, linguistics, and social sciences!

i'm disabled and chronically ill! ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorder brain mush

i'm a native english speaker. i've been learning japanese for almost a decade and am semi-proficient!

i'm a leftist anarcho-socialist! conservatives get the fuck off my page

other favorites

  • favorite color: yellow
  • favorite animal: cats
  • preferred soda: dr. pepper
  • preferred chocolate: white
  • preferred hot drink: hot chocolate

3d spinning model of a heart with the lesbian flag over it

you can use my very crudely made button to link back here on your site if you want. i'll make a better one eventually ;w;

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