Wiki Editing

somewhat jaded moderator of the Azure Striker Gunvolt F*ndom wiki, founder and moderator of the Continue/Stop/Rise Universe F*ndom wiki. years of wiki editing and formatting in f*ndom's source editor is the reason i know and recognize basic html

gunvolt and i have a long history. i've been a moderator since march 2020 and i mostly focus on page organization and proofreading. been resting on my laurels for a couple of years due to the overall state of the world.

i attempted to make a miraheze wiki on a less predatory wiki farm about boyster called "Oysterpedia", but knowing how little people care about the show, since i fell off from editing it, it's likely no longer editable. it's been years and i'm too afraid to check. 🫡

disclaimer that i despise F*ndom as a company as well as their business practices and site moderation. here is a very helpful thread from the folks at blaseball wiki if you want to get the hell off of it and move your info somewhere else. also, stop fucking putting a discord server hurdle in front of people who want to edit your wiki.


as previously mentioned i founded the continue/stop/rise wiki. it's a wiki dedicated to the off by mortis ghost ocverse made by spectrumw and cookiepwee consisting of three (actually more like five) games. UNLOAD, specifically its battle system, is one of my special interests and i've played it at least 10 times in full. i have playthroughs for C/S/R and UNLOAD on my youtube channel as well as miscellaneous footage. i'm the developer of the one punch run mod for bx:execute where i just went in and made every enemy's HP set to 1 so battling wasn't as difficult for me that's been shared among friends. working on a redux version of one punch run that adds some QOL changes and makes it a bit more accessible to others.

did you know that it only took about 15 minutes of me describing my symptoms to a psychiatrist for her to instantly conclude i had adhd and give me adderall? i just thought that was interesting

Boyster's Lost Episodes

i started a thread on the lost media wiki forums for "Boyster", a french-made cartoon about a human-oyster hybrid made in the early 2010's.

we technically now have footage of the lost episodes after someone volunteered to record them but better quality is possible and would be incredibly welcome. otherwise i maintain a google drive of the episodes and other things related to the show i get my hands on. web3 is shitting itself though so i don't trust google for hosting this for much longer. will see if i can make a dedicated page for it here.

if i had to name what i'm interested in besides higher quality recordings for the english dub, i'd say i'm very interested in finding out about this show's japanese dub and its voice actors. we've only been able to find one full episode of its japanese dub. they're published on some youtube channel but all the other videos besides this one have been privated, i think. here's a tweet from boyster's japanese va about the show.

thank you battykaz and likeleylines on the lost media wiki forums for helping in the search and thank you to my beloved friends ian and jera for helping and providing emotional support. special shoutout to peggy who's my foreign cartoon dubs contact

Revue Starlight

i've been playing this game since june 2019. what do i have to show for it? this, i guess.

i've sunk so much time into this game that its mechanics are burned into the grooves of my brain.

so there's this site called that's run by the people who run and and stuff. the site is dead. i donated to their patreon once and got added to their discord server and handed the staff role on staraca and then left to rot.

some of the data-gathering code broke and no one has updated it because no one gives a fuck except me and this other person who was also handed the staff role by the last actual active staff member. so there's a grand total of two people on the staraca staff team aside from db0 (the creator) who posted on the feed about looking for staff members about a year ago and stopped posting the monthly patreon badges about 6 months ago (jan 2023). it's dead and it'll probably stay that way. but let it be known: I Did Try.

if you're looking for a site that's similar to staraca but actually maintained properly, i recommend karthuria. it doesn't have a card collection feature, but it has just about every other thing you could possibly want to look up about this game

shoutout to maru aka the only other person at staraca who gives a fuck about its maintainence. this site is your baby o7


  • i've been teaching myself japanese since i was 12 and have been translating it since around 2018. you can read more about that in the "my work" page
  • i ran a bang dream secret santa project when the franchise was relatively new for two christmases (2017-2018) until it became too much to handle. that's about it.